i'm alex

I'm a full-time Young Living Essential Oil lover and a part-time photographer residing in the middle of Iowa. I'm a fierce lover of Jesus and my little wonderful family: my husband Tyler, our sweet foster babe, and our big eyed pup Nollie. I approach life as a fun, silly, loving, and a-little-bit awkward woman who values the beauty found in everyday life.
I created this space as a place for me to share my loves and passions; what makes my heart beat and colors my days alive.

Hey friend!

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you were created to do great things

Yes, YOU.
As women, I think (okay, I KNOW) that we have the tendency to compare ourselves to others. "What does so-and-so's website have that mine doesn't? Why is my business not growing as quickly as hers?" The list goes on.
But the thing is, comparison is the thief of ALL things. It steals joy from our lives. We have to stop comparing, and start focusing on the truth. The truth that tells us that we were uniquely made. Uniquely made to do GREAT things.
Keep your heart focused on that truth. I'm rooting for you, friend. I cannot wait to watch you take the world by storm.

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