come learn more about them!

Essential oils are just that, oils. They are oils found in plants and are used to heal and protect these plants within their environments. 

When oils are extracted from plants with great care they can aid in keeping our bodies healthy & happy; the way they were intended to be. (read more about Young Living’s seed to seal process here). While they’re beginning to become pretty popular, they aren't a new thing.

When you get started with essential oils with me, you’re not only getting a package of life changing oils & accessories, you’re getting a team. A team of oilers who will come together to give you all the knowledge, ideas, recipes, and resources you could ever want or need.

Our love of our oils is real. Our stories are real. We would share whether we got a dime from the company or not.
We also have the most resources available for you. We truly invest ourselves in your oil journey. We are available for your questions, here to guide you and keep you safe while using your oils and we get true joy from changing people’s lives for the better. One-on-one training, Facebook groups and some of the funniest people I know are here to become your new besties. I may be biased but it's the best!!

We will NEVER pressure you. EVER.